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Legacy Planning (aka Estate Planning)

Every single person leaves a legacy behind at their death, and the time to solidify your legacy wishes is now! If you already have (Estate Planning) documents in place; it’s most likely time to review them to ensure they articulate your exact wishes as life changes. 


We excel at “seeing around corners” and “what-ifs”; we’ve seen well laid out legacy plans which easily allowed the family to honor the wishes of their loved one, and we’ve seen the other side of the coin too; no planning documents in place, no direction for the family, family fighting, and costly probate expenses. Which side of the coin do you wish to fall on.

Why do I need to think about this now, you ask? 

Easy answer... and one most folks don’t want to admit... but, it’s the reality; you just don’t know what day is going to be the day. 


Now, we can’t all walk around doom and gloom, and Legacy Planning shouldn’t be thought of as such; in fact, it’s quite the opposite and it’s time to turn the stigma around! You’ve spent your entire life (so far) working on building and creating this life, your life, one that you (hopefully!) love and cherish with family and friends that bring joy and meaning to your world; this is the opportunity to pause, assess all you have, and consider how you'd like your memory and assets handled when you become unable to.

What are "Legacy Planning Documents", you ask?

Legacy Planning documents, (or Estate Planning documents), provide for the efficient transfer of your assets, at minimum tax and legal cost, to those you leave behind. Good legacy documents completely avoid the lengthy and costly probate process. Your chosen representative(s) will even know exactly how you would like the end of your life handled and what you want done with your remains

What does the process look like to get my documents in order?

First, complete the “Get in Touch” form and let us know you need our help. We’ll get in touch with you to gather some basic information to get the ball rolling, then you can expect the following:

Screen Shot 2022-10-19 at 7.44.36 PM.png

How much is this going to cost?

Short answer... a whole lot less than probate! We believe we’ve come up with a pretty straightforward (read: less costly –both in dollars and mental energy) way to get your Legacy Planning documents in place. Once we understand your specific planning needs, we will provide you with a flat fee. 


We would be honored, beyond measure, to assist you with your legacy planning whether it’s creating your documents for the first time, or revisiting them with you or even getting you in the hands of the proper attorney if your needs are beyond the scope of our practice.


“Thank you so much for all the guidance with the trust.  I’m glad you pushed me along the way to make sure I’m staying on top of most things.  Creating a trust and thinking about death and what happens is so personal.  I couldn’t imagine creating this with anyone else.”   

-  A happy customer.

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