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Social Security Benefit Optimization and
Retirement Roadmap Analyses

It might be a big surprise that the timing of when you take your Social Security benefits has a big impact on how well you will retire. It’s really difficult to weigh the timing options without a little help from an expert. How much better would you sleep if you had a detailed roadmap that outlined exactly how your retirement was to be funded? 

Anne is a Registered Social Security Analyst (RSSA).  Not only can she help you with the question of when to start claiming your benefits, but also, when to tap other retirement funds, how your after-tax investments figure into the puzzle, what your taxes will look like in retirement and how to ensure you will outlive your dough!  

Really? YES, really.

You’ve been working like a dog for years, paying into social security and funding your retirement accounts.  Now you are nearing that magic age of retirement and you are wondering:

  • Will social security even be solvent when it’s time for me to draw benefits?

  • Should I draw benefits as soon as I can?

  • Those nice people at Social Security will help me choose the best option, right?

  • Survivor benefits, not really a big deal, right?


See answers below!


We are offering two “flavors” of this planning service: 

Social Security Optimization only: how to claim your Social Security benefits to maximize the lifetime benefits, including spousal and survivor benefits (if you’re married). You will be presented with an illustration of the benefit claiming age options to consider/implement.  

Retirement Roadmap:  a full analysis of your current retirement account resources, after tax savings, Social Security benefits, and your anticipated cash needs in retirement. You will be presented with a detailed road map of which assets to use when funding your retirement. Since everyone has different amounts and types of retirement accounts, we will assess the complexity and offer a flat fee. (Real life example below!) 

When you’re ready to take a glimpse into your future and start designing your ideal retirement lifestyle, set up your social security online account , pull together current statements on all your retirement and other accounts, and let’s get a roadmap, just for you!  

What are you waiting for?  Use the Get In Touch contact form to let us know you’re ready to take steps to living your best life in your retirement years!


Answers:    Yes, Probably no, Absolutely not and maybe


Real life example: 

We recently completed a complicated analysis that proved mathematically that the clients could retire at 65 and leave more to their sons than they ever thought possible (they thought they would need to work until age 70 and that they might outlive their money!). We used their estimated lifespans (yup, we’ve got software for that too) and the benefit of the 10% Federal tax bracket to control taxable income for 6 years with pre RMD 401(k) withdrawals to cover them until the optimized date to claim their social security benefits. These clients had a non-covered pension, 401(k), 403(b), 2 IRAs, 2 ROTH IRAs and taxable assets. The roadmap plan showed year by year details of where to draw cash from through the wife’s expected lifespan in 2057. 

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