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Our Services

Tax Preparation – Federal & State(s)

  • Individuals, Businesses, Trusts, Estates and Gifts (minimum tax return preparation fees apply.)

Contract CFO

  • As a business grows and thrives, the need for keen resource allocation and professional strategizing becomes more essential. This can happen before your professional budget allows for a full-time CFO or controller. Our contract CFO services gives you access to professional financial advice and concise strategies that support your business during growth periods or pivotal moments that, if well-managed, can lead to further success and prevent missteps. It allows our clients the time they need to focus on new services, new customers and core business issues.

Value Based Services

  • Advisory Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Services

  • Executive Coaching (Business & Personal)

  • Strategic Planning

  • Self-Directed IRA Advisory Services

  • Alternative Energy Consulting

  • Business Acquisition & Sale Consulting

  • Personal Financial Planning & Budgeting

  • Personnel Policy & Benefits

  • Prenuptial Agreements/Divorce Planning

  • Client Accounting Services

  • IRS Audit Defense

  • Social Security Benefit

  • Retirement Optimization Analysis

Legacy/Estate Planning 

  • Wills

  • Trusts

  • Powers of Attorney

I recommend Anne regularly to clients and friends in need of guidance, and regularly receive thanks for pointing folks in her direction.  She is the perfect blend of affable and direct.  A great example of her drive and conscientiousness can be found in her decades of not for profit work in the community.  Anne will ask anyone for anything if it will benefit her not for profit interests!

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