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Informal Introductions



Meet Anne

Almost anything you are going through or are dealing with, Anne has seen or experienced  before. At 24, she took a calculated risk and purchased her first accounting practice. Between student loans and the practice purchase, she was $210,000 in debt. Through hard work and determination, the risk paid off. Over the past 35 years, she has purchased four additional practices. The boutique firm that Anne has created garners a high level of respect in the community. Entrepreneurial, committed, and fiercely loyal, she has been a trusted advisor for so many over the years. 

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It is important to have someone in your corner who can be trusted implicitly, is relatable, can objectively map out goals, successfully take care of the details, and help navigate through uncharted territory. 

Since 1985, Anne has continuously served the greater seacoast community through her work on several not-for-profit boards and committees. She has raised awareness, built coalitions, rallied resources, and raised a staggering amount of money. When there was no one providing workforce housing, she started a housing model committed to helping the tenants secure permanent, affordable housing of their own. The "Teach a Man to Fish" model garnered national attention and has been replicated in other areas of the country. 

When you have any kind of conversation with Anne, her commitment to the environment runs through the fabric of everything she does. From reusable paper towels and bees wax food wraps, to counseling clients on the tax and financial benefits of green accounting, Anne makes mindful and deliberate choices that improve our global environment. 

Anne describes herself as a lifelong learner, world traveler, and dog lover. She has traveled extensively to view threatened wildlife and be immersed into other cultures. When asked why she travels, the answer is always the same: "To meet new people, look at their stuff and try their food." From trekking to view wild pandas in China, hiking in Madagascar rainforests to see the elusive AyeAye, cage diving off the coast of South Africa to see the Great White Sharks up close, she is always up for adventure. Someday she will get to New York City and California, but for now her next trips include Zimbabwe, the Australian Outback, and Antarctica! 

Anne lives in a geothermal house with her husband Jeff and their pack of short legged dogs. 

Uno Augie Greeters_edited.jpg

Your “Official Office Greeter”

Augie Doggie, aka “The Terrorist”, a bouncing bundle of Cardigan Welsh Corgi, he’s in (professional, yes professional…) training on how to become the most perfect gentleman like his late brother from another momma, Uno. We were spoiled with Uno’s perfect manners, so while we love having a dog in the office, manners are of utmost importance around here, so he’ll make brief office cameos until he’s ready for “full duty!”

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